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Defendants often feel the impulse to talk to police as soon as they learn that they have been charged with a crime. This urge is understandable, especially since most people simply want their side of events to be heard. Despite efforts to appear as if they are on your side, Colorado police are usually not interested in helping out those who have been accused of committing a crime. Whether facing a misdemeanor charge for driving without a license, for petty theft or anything and everything in between, it is important to first seek just and reliable representation.

Aside from speaking to police without counsel present, many people continue to view misdemeanors as no big deal. While misdemeanor charges might not net consequences that are quite as severe as felonies, any criminal charge can have an enormous impact on a person’s life. Defendants should always connect with a knowledgeable attorney prior to taking any action concerning their criminal charges.

A wide range of charges can be filed as a misdemeanor, including traffic violations, theft and even assault. These charges can have similar consequences such as jail time or fines, but there will always be an aspect that is intrinsically unique to the defendant and his or her situation. As such, there is no type of one-size-fits-all approach to handling misdemeanor charges.

Facing a misdemeanor charge can be an overwhelming and emotionally-charged event in a person’s life. We understand the confusion that so often accompanies these emotions and work closely with our Colorado clients in order to minimize the impact on their lives. More information concerning misdemeanor charges and their various implications can be found on our website.

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