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Colorado police file felonies against man accused of arson


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A Colorado man is facing criminal charges for an act that he claims to only have dreamed of, with no recollection of ever acting on it. His charges currently include multiple felonies as well as one misdemeanor count for a fire that caused serious damage to his mother’s home. According to police, four dogs were also killed because of the fire.

The fire began in the basement with what police believe were logs specifically manufactured to help start fires. The man’s mother and her boyfriend were not at home when the fire began, and firefighters were not immediately made aware of the burn, and they did not arrive until anywhere from one to two hours after it had started. It then took the crew the better part of an hour to actually gain control of the fire. During the operation, firefighters were able to remove five dogs from the home, although only one survived.

Police did not make any arrests until a tip came in from an area-hospital employee. The 21-year-old man accused of starting the fire allegedly told his grandmother that the fire was his responsibility. He apparently also told the hospital employee that he was responsible, and further disclosed that he felt the dogs’ deaths were unfortunate.

Charged with arson and criminal mischief — both felonies — as well as a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty, he is currently still behind bars, although he has the option to post $10,000 bond. The penalties associated with a conviction for such serious charges can be severe, and many Colorado defendants would hope to minimize the potential impact on their lives as much as possible. While the process of constructing a solid defense foundation can vary from person to person, doing so in as timely a manner as possible is usually beneficial.

Source:, “Four Dogs Killed In Fire, Suspect Arrested“, Jan. 9, 2016

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