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Murder charge filed over road rage incident


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A Colorado police officer is currently on unpaid leave following what investigators say was an incident of deadly road rage. Facing allegations of vehicular homicide — a felony murder charge — he posted his $25,000 bond and is no longer in police custody. Although the officer does not have any criminal history, this is apparently not his first driving-related incident.

The officer told investigators that he simply had been driving home after work when the other driver attempted to run him off the road. The driver of the second vehicle involved was supposedly on his way to a family member’s home. None of the witnesses who were present for the road rage event actually saw what sparked the whole ordeal, but they were apparently able to fill the authorities on what transpired shortly before the wreck.

Both drivers were spotted driving upwards of 90 mph while allegedly engaging in possibly reckless behavior. At least one witness claims that the cars kept cutting one another off while also tailgating. At one point, witnesses claim that the officer pulled directly alongside the other vehicle and then struck it in a side-to-side fashion. After the other driver apparently struck back with his own vehicle, he was cut off by the officer’s car and lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a wreck that ended his life.

Road rage is an understandable concern for Colorado motorists, but the potential consequences associated with a vehicular homicide conviction can be especially severe. Felonies tend to carry lengthier prison sentences and steeper fines than misdemeanors and can also leave a lifelong mar on an individual’s criminal record. When a defendant is faced with a murder charge, one of the first steps toward creating a secure defense strategy is to thoroughly review the charge and related evidence alongside his or her respective counsel.

Source: CBS Denver, “Police Officer Faces Felony Charges In Road Rage Case“, Lauren DiSpirito, July 15, 2016

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