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Domestic violence can be a difficult topic to discuss due to its understandably sensitive nature. Those facing domestic violence charges often feel frustrated and confused with the system and unsure of how to proceed. Experienced legal representation can minimize these feelings while giving defendants a better chance at achieving the best possible outcome for their personal situations.

Contrary to popular belief, a spouse or partner in Colorado cannot have the charges dropped against an alleged abuser. This means that the moment charges are filed, defendants should be ready to begin work on possible defense strategies. The first step in this process is usually to obtain gainful counsel who are knowledgeable on matters of alleged domestic violence.

But why start so early? A conviction on domestic violence charges have a wide range of implications, including a criminal history. Many workplaces run criminal background checks prior to hiring new employees, and a conviction for a domestic violence offense is often considered to be just as negative as a violent criminal offense. More immediate consequences hit closer to home, and may result in a person losing access to their home or close family members, including children.

Our firm fights to minimize these impacts for our Colorado clients, and we continue to stand up for the men and women accused of committing acts of domestic violence. We also strive to relieve some of the burden as domestic violence charges tend to become the focal point for defendants. Individuals who are curious about how our years of experience and network of knowledgeable experts can help combat wrongful allegations of domestic violence can visit our website.

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