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YouTube video leads to harassment, assault charges for drivers


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As dash cams become increasingly popular among Colorado drivers, more and more traffic footage is being uploaded to the popular video streaming website YouTube. Assault charges were recently filed as the result of one such video. The video apparently showed a hit-and-run accident involving a motorcycle and larger motor vehicle, the drivers of which were engaged in a road rage incident with each other.

The video footage was captured on a delivery driver’s dashboard, which records while the man is on the job. While headed to drop off a delivery order, he ended up behind the two vehicles allegedly involved in the incident. The video apparently showed the motorcycle then pulling forward along the car’s driver side window. At that point, the driver of the car suddenly veered over and struck the motorcyclist to the ground before leaving the scene.

The motorcyclist told the delivery driver that the man behind the wheel of the car had attempted to force his girlfriend’s motorcycle off the road, which had led to his actions. Police charged the motorcyclist with harassment while the other driver is accused of assault in the second degree. The delivery driver stated that it was not his intent to have the individuals criminally charged when he uploaded the video, but police say that the video footage was what led them to take action against both of the drivers.

Harassment and assault charges can have a significant impact on a person’s future. A conviction can eliminate certain employment and education opportunities for Colorado defendants, effectively altering the course of that person’s life. In order to minimize this potential impact, defendants are usually well advised to begin considering different defense strategies in a quick and timely manner.

Source:, “2 arrested after YouTube video captures road rage incident in Colorado Springs“, Deb Stanley and Jennifer Kovaleski, June 7, 2016

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