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Charged with DUI? Don’t plead guilty just yet


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There is a certain stigma to being accused of driving while under the influence that is not necessarily attached to other criminal allegations. Because of this, defendants in Colorado sometimes feel compelled to plead guilty to DUI charges that they may otherwise feel are unjust. No one who has been charged with a crime should feel bullied or forced into taking any action that might compromise his or her future.

In Colorado, charges for driving under the influence might relate to alcohol, drugs or some combination thereof. Unlike charges for driving while impaired, a DUI indicates that the attending officer determined that the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was rather significantly impaired. Perhaps it also is this distinction between a DUI and DWAI that leads many defendants to believe that pleading guilty is their only option — testimony and reports from police officers are usually taken as true.

In reality, police officers are just as human and likely to err as the rest of the population at large. Some officers misinterpret driver behavior while others initiate traffic stops for invalid reasons or for none at all. Further still, police officers’ reliance on technology can also be misguided. It is not uncommon for Breathalyzer devices to be calibrated wrong, rendering a false blood-alcohol content level.

We understand the enormous pressure from society and police that DUI defendants must bear. It is this pressure that pushes so many men and women to plead guilty without fully considering other options that might be available to them. With hefty fines and even jail time on the line, we firmly believe that each and every defendant should give full consideration to other options that might help them achieve the best outcome possible.

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