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Colorado professor charged with 4 felonies


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A professor at Western State Colorado University is in police custody after allegedly attempting to a lure a minor on the Internet. He has been charged with four different felonies all related to his suspected sexual misconduct online. However, the individual whom he was engaging with online was not a minor child but, instead, various undercover investigators.

The 53-year-old professor supposedly engaged in multiple online conversations with someone who he believed to be a 15-year-old girl. The two communicated in a number of different ways, including online chat, text messages and even web cams. Investigators claimed that while using the video chatting software skype, it appeared as if the professor was engaging in a sexually explicit act.

In addition to inappropriate conversations, it is also believed that he attempted to arrange a meeting. Investigators claim that he encouraged the teen to sneak out of her home in order to meet up with him. At a different point, he allegedly asked if she was interested in engaging in sexual activity with him and if she would refer to him by another name. 

The Colorado university where he is employed has yet to comment on the charges, and it does not appear as if he has been placed on any type of administrative leave at this point. Felonies related to sexual misconduct, especially those involving a minor, can have a profound and long-lasting impact on a person’s personal and professional life. Addressing these types of allegations in a timely manner can be of great benefit to most defendants. Taking the time early on in the criminal court process to review the charges alongside legal counsel often helps defendants proceed in a manner that will help them achieve the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Western State University professor Daniel Cress arrested on charge of luring a child online“, March 2, 2016

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