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State representative cooperating with police after DUI arrest


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A St. Patrick’s Day traffic stop ultimately ended in the arrest of a state representative from Colorado. Representative Dan Pabon was apparently only blocks away from state’s Capitol building when he was pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests. He was charged with a DUI and later released to another individual.

Attending officers claim that the representative had a strong odor, although they could not pen that scent down to any specific alcoholic beverage. Additionally, the representative was also noted as speaking with a slur. He later apparently failed the field sobriety test that was administered by the officer and was taken to an area hospital to undergo a blood test.

The results of the blood test have been disclosed yet, although some have called his earlier whereabouts into question. An alcohol-focused testing event did occur at the Colorado Governor’s Mansion earlier that same day, but it is not even clear if he was in attendance with other lawmakers. Still, one of the leaders of that event said that all of the alcohol was served in 1 ounce portions, and that the event concluded at about 7 that evening. His traffic stop and arrest did not occur until nearly midnight.

The representative released a statement apologizing for any distress and also noting that he has fully cooperated with law enforcement up to this point. Although the blood results are still not available, it is not too early for him to begin defense preparations regarding his DUI. Defendants have multiple options at their disposal for addressing drunk driving allegations, including negotiating a plea deal, requesting administrative hearing to retain their driving privileges and fighting the charges in court.

Source:, “Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon arrested for DUI on St. Patrick’s Day in Denver“, Anica Padilla and Jennifer Kovaleski, March 18, 2016

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