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Student arrested for misdemeanor charge for clown-related threat


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Clowns are no longer considered to be harmless entertainment for children, and menacing clown sightings have been popping up across the United States. However, one of Colorado’s first clown-related arrest was not for a clown sighting, but for the alleged threat of one. Police charged the student with interfering with faculty, staff or students at an educational institution, a misdemeanor charge.

Police initially began by investigating social media posts that allegedly threatened violence at the 15-year-old student’s school. The social media page apparently used clown photos in order to join the nationwide trend of so-called killer clowns terrorizing communities. The young student was somehow linked to the social media account, at which point authorities determined that there was likely no credibility to the posted threats.

Despite the lack of credible evidence, school officials decided to increase security at the school. A nearby high school was also put on heightened security when someone else posted a similar threat, and someone dressed in a clown costume was supposedly spotted near an area middle school. Neither of those incidents were related to the student. However, the school district intends to enact its own consequences against the student Apart from the criminal charge he is currently facing.

Being accused of a misdemeanor charge at a young age can have serious consequences on one’s future. In order to minimize this type of impact, most defendants in Colorado choose to begin their defense preparations as early on as possible. By creating ample time to review charges and the related evidence, defendants and their respective counsels can usually determine which approach will achieve the best possible outcome.

Source:, “Colorado Springs police make arrest in connection with clown-style threat to school“, Rachel Riley, Oct. 4, 2016

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