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Sexual assault allegations lead to sheriff’s arrest


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A Colorado inmate’s allegations led to a sheriff being placed on the other side of the law than the one he is usually on. A judge set his bond at $250,000, although, if posted, he must be outfitted with a GPS device in order to ensure that he does not violate an order of protection. His current allegations included at least two felony charges for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with an inmate.

According to investigators, the sheriff removed a mentally challenged female inmate from the jail in which she was being held and told staff that he was going to transport her to a different facility. Rather than use a patrol vehicle, which is apparently standard, witnesses claim that he utilized his own personal motor vehicle. He then allegedly took her to his home and sexually assaulted the young woman.

Charges have still yet to be officially filed, but the sheriff claims that he intends to contest all of them. Still, an order of protection was put in place that bans contact with the supposed victim. The protection order also extends to any of the witnesses in the case, which means that he will not be permitted to come within 100 yards of the area Colorado court house.

Criminal charges can be especially damaging to an individual’s personal and professional life. When convicted, defendants often find that the impact extends far beyond jail time and steep fines, as future educational, employment and other opportunities are often removed from the table. As no two defendants or allegations are alike, most people can start strategizing their unique defense plans by carefully reviewing their charges and related evidence alongside their respective counsels.

Source:, “Bond set at $250,000 in Sheriff Tom Hanna case“, Vickie Sandlin, Aug. 24, 2016

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