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Property-related crimes tend to have a reputation for being less serious than other charges, such as drunk driving or assault. While the potential consequences for these types of charges might differ from theft and property crimes, being convicted of any crime can have serious repercussions. Whether accused of theft, shoplifting or crimes related to property, we make sure that our clients understand all of their options.

In some instances, defendants are aware that police are investigating them with the intent of filing charges. Even if the criminal investigation is related to a minor theft or shoplifting incident, this period of time — typically referred to as the pre-filing stage — is important. If handled correctly, experienced attorneys can resolve these charges while they are still in this stage. We have helped many of our Colorado clients achieve their desired results during pre-filing.

When charges have already been filed, it is important that the defendants understand their rights and the best manner in which to uphold them. Being criminally charged for a property crime does not immediately indicate guilt, and defendants should not have to deal with being treated like thieves. Our experience allows us to defend these rights for our own clients.

Whether facing a misdemeanor or felony, being criminally charged is an understandably difficult thing with which to deal. We understand the emotional turmoil this can cause, and we strive to provide each and every one of our clients in Colorado with the most effective support possible. For more information regarding our services and how we can help with theft charges, please visit our website.

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