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Teenage student facing felony charge for single-vehicle wreck


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A teenage driver has possibly her entire future on the line as she faces some fairly hefty criminal charges. The allegation for vehicular assault — a felony charge — stems from a single vehicle accident in which she and her four passengers were all injured. She is also facing additional charges for driving underage passengers without an adult and for reckless driving.

According to Colorado police, the 16-year-old student had passed her driving test four days before the wreck. At the time, she had at least four passengers in her vehicle when she attempted to complete a turn off of one street and onto another and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle skidded across a stretch of grass between lanes and then jumped a curb, crossed a different street and then collided head-on with some large trees. At least one of the trees was supposedly almost uprooted.

All five individuals were under the age of 17, which is illegal according to Colorado state law. Everyone was injured in the wreck, including one who suffered severe injuries and had to be airlifted for treatment. He was reportedly not wearing a seat belt at the time. The other victims were all taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

Facing such severe consequences at a young age can be difficult, especially when at least one felony charge is involved. However, even defendants who are facing very serious charges can still achieve the most favorable outcome possible for their situations by taking the necessary time to prepare a comprehensive defense strategy. For some, this includes preparing to fight the charges during trial, while others benefit more from negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors.

Source:, “Teen faces felony after Glenwood classmate hurt in crash“, John Stroud, Sept. 17, 2016

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