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Colorado teacher facing sexual assault charges


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A former teacher was arrested by Colorado police after a child accused her of touching her inappropriately. The allegations do not involve any of the students with whom the woman worked. Instead, the sexual assault charges came from a child of family friends.

The 41-year-old woman has spent years working with children in preschool and other young grades throughout the state. However, it is unclear exactly where she was employed during the period of time from which the allegations stem. Although the allegations were only recently brought forward by the apparent victim, she claims that she was repeatedly molested during the year 2008. She also claimed that the alleged incidents occurred in various locations.

Police are currently still investigating the woman, and she and her team have voiced their upset at the filing of formal charges without being given an opportunity to question the validity of the accusations. This is in part due the significant amount of time that has passed since the assaults supposedly took place and when the possible victim eventually made her claims. Scheduled to appear in court soon, the teacher posted a $50,000 bond and has stated that she does not intend to let the criminal charges darken her outlook.

Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of criminal allegations is not always easy for Colorado defendants. This can be especially true when the potential consequences of a conviction are severe. Sexual assault charges can carry lengthy prison sentences and continue to impact the remainder of a person’s life. Timely handling of charges and all possible defense strategies can usually help defendants feel more at ease and prepared to achieve the most favorable outcomes possible for their unique situations.

Source: CBS Denver, “Woman Facing Sex Assault Charge Is A Career Teacher“, Sept. 20, 2016

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