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Conviction on felonies means license revocation for the accused


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In Colorado and elsewhere, a criminal arrest can have far-reaching consequences for an accused individual. In some instances, the accused may face withdrawal of the required license to practice the person’s profession. Generally, a criminal charge will not result in revocation of a license until and if there is a conviction on at least one of the felonies.

A Colorado Springs financial adviser is facing not only criminal punishment but also the potential of having his license revoked. The felony charges include first degree assault, first degree burglary and stalking. The Colorado Springs police are accusing the 51-year-old man of assaulting and trying to strangle a teenage girl after breaking into her home.

The background of the case is unusual. It will present a challenging opportunity for defense counsel to construct a viable defense or to win a negotiated plea that will allow the accused to go on with his life, either fully or in at least a limited fashion. The accused allegedly developed a relationship with the victim and her mother after he helped them immigrate here from Iran.

It is alleged that he incrementally got close to the girl and was taking her out with the mother’s knowledge. The girl did not complain at first and said the accused liked the fact that she showed him attention like a father. However, further questioning of the victim by police allegedly resulted in revelations by the girl that there was also physical abuse taking place. She revealed to police that the accused had allegedly subjected her to a five-year history of physical abuse.

However, the nature or extent of that abuse has not been described. The defendant has no prior record; he manages an investment firm that has $58 million in assets under management. The outcome will depend on defense counsel’s ability to communicate with his client and to implement a viable defense strategy under Colorado law to the charged felonies. This may include an outcome wherein the accused agrees to enter rehabilitation and therapy services to address his emotional problems.

Source:, “Financial adviser arrested for stalking, strangling immigrant teen”, Andy Koen, April 10, 2017

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