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Criminal conviction leads to woman’s arrest on fugitive warrant


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The long hand of the law extends further than some of us may think. That seems to be true with respect to the apprehension of a woman in another state recently for a shoplifting criminal conviction out of Colorado from 2014. If the authorities have the right person, it appears that she may not have appeared for sentencing or otherwise violated the terms of her probation.

An officer in a nearby state was conducting a traffic stop recently after observing a car run a stop sign. After stopping the vehicle, the officer ran a warrant check that showed that the 49-year-old female operator was wanted on a fugitive warrant in Colorado. The accused is now being held in the other state pending an extradition hearing. Fugitive warrants are now more easily enforced due to the growing sophistication of computer technology and the networking of that material across the country.

When a person doesn’t show up for sentencing, escapes from custody or violates the terms of his/her release, the judge presiding over the case will generally issue a fugitive warrant. In this case, the woman will first go before a judicial officer in California and inform the court whether she will waive extradition. Except in the most drastic of cases, where there has been a legal mistake, most accused defendants will not generally benefit from contesting extradition.

Here, it is somewhat surprising that the system was geared to reign her in despite a criminal conviction on a relatively minor offense. The records reportedly show that she was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to shoplifting from a Denver shopping center. She failed to appear at a review hearing and that triggered the long arm of the law to initiate its slow but steady search. If her Colorado defense counsel is experienced and knowledgeable, the woman may be fortunate enough to escape incarceration or she may be detained for only a short period. That, however, depends on the circumstances that counsel will encounter and evaluate after interviewing the client.

Source:, “Traffic stop yields arrest of Colorado fugitive“, Feb. 20, 2017

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