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Suspect flees murder charge, but is nabbed after 100 mph chase


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A suspect who is being sought by Colorado authorities on a homicide charge would do a lot better by turning himself in as opposed to senselessly driving through city streets and roadways at over 100 mph. If the reports of authorities prove true, the 27-year-old man is now facing more potential punishment by engaging the police in a high-speed chase through two counties. In addition to a murder charge, he now faces additional charges related to the chase.

Police allege that when they tried to pull the suspect over for speeding, he took off, driving at dangerously fast speeds. The chase went from its inception in Piute County to its completion in Garfield County. It ended when police deflated the suspect’s tires and caught him and a passenger running from the stalled car.

The third county involved in this series of events is Arapahoe County, where the arrest warrant for murder was initially issued after a 36-year old male victim died in a local hospital. He had been found lying in the parking lot of an Englewood apartment complex with a lone gunshot wound to the head. The police have not revealed how their investigation led them to issue a warrant for the suspect.

It is also unknown whether there were any eyewitnesses to the event. The tenor of the police reports indicates that the only persons who were present were the victim and the alleged shooter.  However, if it happened in a parking lot where others may have walking or driving, there may be witness to the shooting of the victim. As always, Colorado defense counsel must focus on investigating the facts in detail with respect to the murder charge to determine whether the client has a reasonable defense or to what extent mitigating circumstances may exist.

Source:, “Colorado murder suspect arrested after high speed chase through 2 counties“, Cody Blowers, Jan. 21, 2017

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