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2 teens accused of several robberies, other serious charges


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Colorado Springs police recently arrested two teenagers accused of carrying out an intensive crime spree for the past few weeks. They allegedly participated in a string of robberies using stolen cars, and were also accused of attempted murder and other serious charges. One of the suspects is 18 years old, but the other is 16 and apparently under the jurisdiction at this time of the juvenile court.

Police say the two escaped from custody in the past and were wanted also on escape charges. The crimes allegedly extended into Denver and other jurisdictions, police say. Teen crime sprees often have a drug addiction component to them. That may be a factor in these allegations because one of the agencies involved in the investigation is the metro vice narcotics unit, according to press reports.

Criminal defense counsel will have their work cut out in the defense of these accused individuals. Counsel will investigate the facts surrounding each of the purported robberies and other incidents. They will have to seek out the details of the attempted murder charge, which police say concerns a road rage incident. Police are not currently releasing all of the details of the crimes and the allegations because they have indicated a continuing investigation is necessary to determine whether others were involved.

In some instances, a client may obtain favorable treatment from the authorities by cooperating with the police in identifying other perpetrators associated with a string of serious charges. With respect to the juvenile suspect, counsel will face a steep challenge in convincing the courts not to treat him as an adult pursuant to Colorado law and procedure. However, with drug addiction as a possible core cause of the younger teen’s involvement, mitigation may be obtained where treatment programs are available and rehabilitation is proved to present a reasonable possibility of success.

Source:, “Colorado Springs police arrest two teen suspects in local crime spree”, Scott Harrison, July 11, 2017

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