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Police: Man resisted arrest attempts regarding protective order


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In Colorado as well as elsewhere, the police must struggle with domestic violence and family discordance issues daily. Sometimes, these matters turn nasty after the police are called to quell a disturbance or to enforce an existing protective order. Recently, police arrested a man who allegedly barricaded himself and resisted police prior to being taken into custody on domestic violence charges.

Colorado Springs police allegedly tried to execute an arrest warrant on the 32-year-old man for violation of a protective order, child abuse and assault in the second degree. The suspect, however, refused to cooperate and leave the home, per police reports. Instead, police say that he barricaded himself inside while police yelled to him to surrender.               

Police report that the suspect eventually did respond and exited the apartment, but they say that he continued to resist the police and refused to obey their commands. Police say that they Tasered the man as a result of his recalcitrance. They say that he engaged in a physical altercation with them as they tried to get him to obey their commands.

Police report that the suspect was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. After release, he was taken for processing of the arrest warrant. Police also allegedly obtained a search warrant and found illegal narcotics and ammunition in the premises.

The allegations do not seem to contain any reference to firearms, and despite finding ammunition, there appears to be no guns involved. Defense counsel often represent defendants on an alleged violation of a protective order in Colorado. Such matters may have a variety of outcomes, depending on the severity of the facts and the ability of the authorities to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Many different factors may come into play before the final outcome is determined.

Source:, “Man arrested in Colorado Springs after standoff, fight with police“, Alexa Mae Asperin, June 20, 2017

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