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Robbery suspects accused of targeting numerous businesses


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When a string of armed robberies is committed in Colorado by a group of masked suspects, defense counsel will investigate the facts of each incident in detail. Counsel will probe the circumstances of each alleged robbery and the surrounding facts thoroughly to determine the existence of potential defenses. At the same time, as the investigation proceeds, counsel will evaluate and discuss with the accused whether plea negotiations would be more appropriate.

Whenever the suspects in the robberies were masked, identity issues arise which a strong defense counsel will assert where pertinent. These questions and more will be investigated by defense attorneys regarding the recent arrests of four individuals on robbery charges by the Colorado Springs Police Department. The police accuse the four of participating in a string of robberies at convenience stores and other businesses in recent months.

It is unknown how the police came to identify the four individuals arrested. A typical way that the police may develop evidence is through an informant who has alleged knowledge of the persons involved. This may lead to one or more suspects being questioned. The police often use bargaining tactics with the suspects, promising favorable treatment in return for identification of all offenders and detailed information regarding the robberies.

The first accused person who is questioned by police often ends up getting the best deal even if that person was the ring leader. Experienced defense counsel can use known strategies to take advantage of or to minimize the effects of such police procedures on counsel’s client. Sometimes, however, suspects being questioned will identify innocent persons to the police.

Criminal defense counsel in Colorado must always remain aggressively vigilant in such prosecutions to assure that the accused client is not being fingered to protect the real robbery participants. These types of cases can be very fluid during the process of evidence gathering by the police and counsel. The seriousness of the charges requires that the accused obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney, especially where the very freedom of the accused is at stake.

Source:, “Additional arrest in connection to string of robberies in Colora –”, March 7, 2017

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