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Hit-and-run, DUI charges for man who crashed, ran from police


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Driving under the influence in Colorado is a serious criminal charge that can take away a person’s rights and result in a prison sentence in some cases. One who is convicted of DUI charges may have a relatively easy experience in the punishment phase if it is a first offense and if no personal injury or property damage has occurred. Sometimes, however, the accused increases the crisis by engaging in actions after being stopped or apprehended that bring additional charges and may exacerbate the seriousness of the incident.

For example, the authorities arrested a 19-year-old man recently in Colorado Springs. They allege that the man lost control of his car while trying to park it. The vehicle reportedly hit a parked car, went over the sidewalk and crashed into a private patio.

When officers arrived on the scene, they report that the accused was standing by his vehicle. They allege, however, that when he saw them approaching, he ran away and entered a nearby apartment. The police allegedly obtained consent to enter the apartment, located the accused and arrested him.

They filed charges not only for DUI but also for careless driving and several charges dealing with hit-and-run offenses. The latter charges make the defense of the case more challenging to defense counsel because the accused is possibly exposed to a term of incarceration. In a first offense DUI situation, the prospects of any significant prison time could have likely been avoided by showing cooperation and sincere rehabilitation efforts.

Unfortunately, the additional charges relating to the hit-and-run have possibly dimmed the prospects for an uncomplicated outcome under Colorado law. An experienced criminal defense counsel who is versed in the defense of DUI charges will be the accused man’s best chance at getting through the prosecution in the best manner possible under the circumstances. The value of counsel’s experience in handling many such cases will give the accused a necessary edge entering a defense to the charges.

Source:, “Man arrested for DUI after crashing into patio, hiding in apartment“, Angela Case, March 16, 2017

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