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Hundreds of people arrested for DUI over Halloween weekend


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Over Halloween weekend, law enforcement officers in Colorado arrested nearly 400 people for driving under the influence. These people were identified during a scheduled  DUI enforcement period — something the state is known to do around any holiday. This year showed a 15 percent increase in DUI-related arrests around Halloween compared to the previous year.

According to a recent report, the Colorado Department of Transportation claims that 375 people from all across the state were taken into police custody for suspected DUI just around the Halloween holiday. The most arrests came from the State Patrol group, who took 68 people into custody. Colorado Springs Police Department came in second with 29 arrests.

These 375 arrests came just after the Fall Festivals Enforcement Period which spans from September 15 to October 23. During that time frame, nearly 2,000 people were taken into police custody for suspected DUI. Were all of these DUI arrests justified, though?

When enforcement periods roll around, there is always some concern about whether arrests are made to meet some quota or if they are truly justified. Those in Colorado who are facing DUI charges following an arrest during an enforcement period have every right to question the circumstances surrounding their arrests. It is also okay to question the administering of field sobriety tests and the validity of chemical tests. With the assistance of legal counsel, those facing DUI charges can do all that is necessary to fight their cases in court with the hopes of achieving a dismissal of charges or, at least, a charge reduction.

Source:, “Boo! 375 DUI Arrests in Colorado Over Halloween Weekend“, Michael Roberts, Nov. 9, 2017

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