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Penalties for a hit-and-run accident may be severe


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Auto-pedestrian accidents happen in the blink of an eye. One minute, a driver is doing his or her thing, and the next minute, a pedestrian is on the ground. The actions a driver takes in that instant will affect what happens in his or her future. Unfortunately, there are those in Colorado who choose not to stick around. Penalties for involvement in a hit-and-run accident may be quite severe.

Per state laws, when an auto accident occurs, drivers are required to stop. If there is only property damage, it is okay for those involved to exchange information and go about their day. If someone is hurt or killed, the responsible party must remain on scene until police arrive to investigate the matter.

People choose to run for one main reason: fear. Most drivers worry about hitting pedestrians. If it actually happens, they may be in shock and make decisions while in panic mode, which is not good for anyone. On the flip side of this is people who cause auto-pedestrian accidents but do not know it. They think they hit a curb, sign, garbage can — whatever — but not a person, so they fail to stop.

Leaving an accident scene at which death or injury occurred is a felony. If convicted, the penalties may include imprisonment and hefty fines — among a variety of others. These consequences can hurt one personally and professionally, so fighting hit-and-run allegations is a must in order to protect oneself. Thankfully, Colorado residents can seek help in doing so by turning to an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance. 

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