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Colorado criminal defense: Man facing menacing and other charges


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Police in Colorado recently arrested the man that they believe is responsible for exhibiting menacing behavior near Mount Herman. This individual is also be investigated for any possible connection to a number of other crimes committed in Colorado and other states. The accusations against this individual are quite serious and could cost him life as he knows it if he is convicted on any of the crimes he allegedly committed. This is where a defense attorney can help.

On Monday, September 25, police arrested a 32-year-old man in the Woodland Park area. Officers pulled him over due to a broken taillight. However, upon further investigation, the officers learned that this individual is believed to have been involved in several menacing incidents that occurred in August. He and his wife are also said to have outstanding warrants for crimes allegedly committed in other states.

The accused was promptly taken into custody. Bail in his case was originally set at $10,000; however, it was reported that it was reduced to $2,000. As of the latest news article, the accused is still in police custody.

On top of the menacing and weapons charges he is currently facing, the media has painted the accused in an extremely negative light. They claim he may be linked to several murders, though, there is not yet any evidence that definitively connects him to the crimes. With all the allegations floating around in this case, this individual will likely have a long legal battle ahead of him in Colorado and any other state that chooses to pursue criminal charges. He can turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to get the assistance he needs throughout his case.

Source:, “Menacing suspect arrested near Mt Herman area where cyclist was shot; link to Indiana murders probed“, Blair Miller, Sept. 28, 2017

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