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Two facing serious charges in Colorado after infant dies


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Police in Colorado recently arrested a husband and wife who they say are responsible for the death of their infant son. Both individuals are facing murder and other serious charges. If convicted of these alleged crimes, the consequences may be quite severe.

According to reports, police were called to an apartment in Colorado Springs back in February. There they found a deceased 6-week-old infant. The baby was born premature, but was released from the hospital after approximately 5 days after birth. According to the baby’s mother, he failed to thrive after being brought home, became sick and eventually stopped eating. He died February 28.

The baby’s mother has stated that she thought about seeking medical attention but she lacked transportation. She also said that her husband suggested waiting another day, but by then it was too late. According to the baby’s mother, she never formed a bond with the child. She would not be the first person to feel this way. Many mothers struggle, as do new fathers, especially when infants are sick.

Police believe that the child was neglected and starved. After months of investigation, the couple was just recently arrested and have been in jail without bail pending their first court appearances. Child abuse and the other serious charges in this case are likely to be treated quite severely in Colorado. A defense attorney can assist each of the accused with navigating through the criminal court process and seeking the best possible outcomes by utilizing the defensive strategies most appropriately suited to their individual cases.

Source: People, “Colorado Mom Accused with Husband of Killing 6-Week-Old Allegedly Said She Never Bonded with Baby“, Christine Pelisek, Aug. 31, 2017

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