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Criminal charge filed against teacher accused of child abuse


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Feb. 1, the day started out like any other day at Angevine Middle School. The pledge of allegiance was recited over the intercom system, and students were allowed to sit or stand during it — according to school policy. However, word of a teacher allegedly forcing one student to stand soon reached the ears of administration and parents. The Colorado teacher is now facing a criminal charge of child abuse.

A male student complained that his gym teacher forced him to stand during the pledge. This she did by allegedly lifting him up by grabbing at his jacket. She is then said to have forced him out of the classroom. Upon investigating the incident, the District Attorney’s Office decided to file third-degree child abuse charges against the teacher.

According to a recent news report, the accused — who has worked for the Boulder Valley School district for 20 years — was booked into police custody on Wednesday, Feb. 14. She was soon released, however, and asked to report to court. Details regarding her scheduled court hearing have not been released to the public.

The accusations in this case are quite serious. A criminal charge of this type could cost the accused her current job and prevent her from working with children in the future if she is convicted. She may also have to spend time behind bars and have to pay significant fines — among other penalties. With a lot on the line, how the accused approaches her case in a Colorado criminal court could make it or break it. With legal assistance, she can take all the steps necessary to help herself and seek the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Teacher charged with child abuse after forcing student to stand for Pledge of Allegiance“, Alex Lasker, Feb. 14, 2018

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