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How are sexual assault accusations dealt with in Colorado?


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In the state of Colorado, any type of sexual assault, including rape, is always considered a crime. This means that any person who is a victim of sexual assault has the right to come forward and hold the perpetrator legally liable.

If you have been raped or you have been affected by sexual assault in the state of Colorado, it is important that you learn about how the law is in place to protect you. By reporting the illegal offense, you will be able to get justice for yourself, and you could potentially prevent other people from being affected by the perpetrator in the future.

How is sexual assault defined in the state of Colorado?

In Colorado, two offenses are recognized. These are known as Unlawful Sexual Contact and Sexual Assault. Unlawful Sexual Contact is defined as any touching of intimate parts in a situation where the victim does not consent to the contact or is unable to consent due to being asleep or not understanding the situation. Sexual Assault is an act where a victim does not consent to sexual penetration or sexual intrusion. A perpetrator could be guilty of sexual assault if they hide their true intentions by masking the act as a medical procedure.

What are the possible penalties for a guilty verdict?

It is possible for a person to serve up to 48 years in prison due to sexual assault if injury is caused. If you have been a victim of sexual assault, it is important to hold the perpetrator responsible for his or her actions.

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