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Could a bar be liable for the fight that injured you?


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If you were in a bar and were assaulted or attacked, this can have serious implications for your future. You likely have physical injuries and need to pay for medical services, and you may also be unable to work for a significant amount of time. You will also have endured pain and suffering through no fault of your own.

When considering how to take legal action for your injuries, your first thought will be to hold the person who attacked you legally liable. However, there are additional actions that you may be able to take. In certain situations, you can file a premises liability claim and seek to hold the owner of the establishment responsible for your injuries.

When does premises liability apply after a fight?

A bar, club or restaurant has the responsibility to keep their guests safe. This is one of the reasons why security are employed at the door. If an attack breaks out in a bar, swift action should be taken in order to put a stop to the violence and to prevent injury.

If you believe that the establishment in question did not do enough to protect you from being assaulted or even contributed to the assault by overserving its patrons, you may be able to hold the owners legally liable for the incident. You can do this by showing that if they had acted responsibly, your injuries would not have occurred.

It is important that you understand how to take action to recover the compensation you deserve after being assaulted in a public place.

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