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Steps you can take after workplace sexual harassment


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Sexual harassment in the workplace puts you on edge, it violates your rights and it makes you feel simultaneously nervous and furious. This just gets worse if you feel like the human resources department is not taking your allegations seriously. You don’t want this to happen anymore, but you’re not sure what steps to take.

First of all, make sure that you document everything that you can. Understand that you need to present as strong of a case as possible. The other party may deny that you’re telling the truth, and backing your story up with facts and records helps tremendously.

For instance, you want to save any voicemail messages that you get, take screenshots of text messages and online chats, and save email messages in a safe, offline format. If possible, print everything out so that you have both the digital copies and the hard copies, and then take those hard copies with you to every meeting.

Some harassment happens in person or during a phone conversation. If you can’t record the audio or video of the event, you want to take notes as soon as it’s over — or even while it’s happening. Do it as soon as you can after the event so that you remember all of the details. Write down things like dates, times, people involved, what was said, what they did, how it made you feel and what you did about it.

Remember, you do have rights. You don’t deserve to be treated like this. Make sure you are well aware of the steps that you can take.

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