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How does weight impact your BAC?


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You know, of course, that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is part of what determines if you’re too drunk to drive. It’s not the only factor, but anything over the legal limit (0.08%) means that you qualify as intoxicated in the eyes of the law.

That said, BAC is not the same for everyone, and people often do not realize just how many things can influence it. For instance, did you know that gender makes a difference? Men usually have a lower BAC than women after consuming the exact same amount of alcohol. This is even true when the man and woman in question weigh the same amount.

Speaking of weight, it can also drastically alter your BAC. The heavier you are, the lower your BAC tends to be.

For instance, say you weigh just 100 pounds. If you have a single standard drink, your BAC should be right around 0.04%. You are already at half of the legal limit.

If you weigh 150 pounds, though, the same drink will likely just take your BAC up to 0.03%. If you weigh 200 pounds, that drink just gets you — as you probably suspected — to 0.02%. This is part of the reason that some people can drink far more than others without appearing more intoxicated. They may actually have a much lower change in BAC for every drink that they consume.

Again, though, you can get arrested on DUI charges even if you are not over the 0.08% limit. No matter what, it is crucial that you understand all of your criminal defense options.

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