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Fashion franchisee accused of sexual harassment and assault


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Sexual harassment allegations can fall into a variety of different behaviors. While any level of sexual harassment will likely be a legal violation that may warrant a complaint, there are some that escalate into physical assaults. A recent case in which a Colorado franchisee of a secondhand clothing retailer exemplifies how this can occur. Those who have been mistreated in this manner or faced any type of sexual harassment and assault should be cognizant of the steps to seek compensation.

Instagram complaints lead to harsh response

A man who owned the franchised stores faces allegations of sexual harassment and assault by a stream of employees. The complaints led the company, which is based on Arizona, to remove him. An Instagram account became the go-to place for workers who claim to have been victimized to share their stories anonymously. The authors of the posts said the man sexually harassed them on the job, assaulted them sexually and physically, had drug parties, and made offensive comments.

Those running the account say there are approximately 70 people who have been victimized. One example includes a woman who was kept in the store owner’s home against her will for a day-and-a-half. She said that she was sexually assaulted multiple times. Male employees were aware of what was happening, but did nothing about it. The women generally share similar stories about their experiences as employees. Local police are investigating and other victims are being encouraged to speak up.

Sexual harassment and assault continues to happen on the job

Despite greater attention being paid to the problem of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, it still happens with an alarming frequency. The idea of social movements such as the “Me Too” hashtag is to give victims an outlet to complain. Still, fears and concerns prevent many from speaking out. That includes the backlash of doing so, worries that they will lose their jobs, financial ramifications and more. This often results in hesitation or outright refusal to complain. If the treatment advances to the level of sexual assault, it is even worse. Those who have been victimized should understand their rights. In this case, a legal filing might be possible to hold the owner and even the corporation responsible. Those who have endured this treatment should consider consulting with legal professionals experienced in pursuing cases for victims of sexual harassment and assault.

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