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Sexual assault victims typically know their attackers


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Don’t assume that sexual assault usually happens with a stranger who does not know you or care about you. This is often the profile for more minor crimes like muggings or theft, for instance, but the truth is that the victims of sexual assault crimes often know their aggressors. Though they may not always be friends, the aggressor and the victim usually have some level of familiarity. 

In some studies, it has been determined that about nine out of every 10 incidents involve two people who know each other. So, while random events do happen, they are far from the norm. In fact, many sexual assaults happen when two people are on a date. Among college students, in particular, that’s when roughly half of all sexual assaults take place.

Why is sexual violence so common among acquaintances?

Why is this? It could be that alcohol was involved, such as on a date to a bar or at a college party or social gathering. Alcohol can sometimes influence people to do things that they wouldn’t do when sober, and that includes illegal action. 

It could also be that one person had some level of expectation of physical intimacy that the other did not share. When confronted with the fact that the date was not going the way they wanted, that person may decide to commit the assault anyway. Even dating in public places carries a high level of risk. 

What are your options if you’ve been the victim of a sexual assault?

If you have suffered an assault, it is very important that you know what legal options you have, what resources are available to you and how you can take proper action to stop your attacker from ever doing it again. Please continue reviewing our site to learn more or contact our office directly to discuss your situation.

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