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Why you should take your animal bite seriously


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Animal bites can happen under a variety of circumstances. They can occur at the hands of your pet as you are caring for them, around another one if they witness what they perceive as fighting or if they feel unwell. Stray or wild animals may also bite while you’re engaging in your everyday activities such as swimming, walking, visiting a park or playground, camping or jogging. If there’s one commonality among these animal bites, it’s that they can all put your health and safety at risk no matter why they happen.

How dangerous animal bites can be

The dangers you face following an animal bite largely depend on what type of animal bites you.

You may contract rabies, a neurological condition that can result in your death if a raccoon, fox, bat or skunk bites you. Small animals, such as rabbits, mice, chipmunks, squirrels and rats may carry the plague, a potentially deadly medical condition that they may pass onto you through a bite.

Domesticated animals pose dangers to your health though as well. Both stray and domestic dogs may have rabies or carry harmful bacteria in their mouth that may result in you needing a limb amputated. Other pets such as guinea pigs, horses and cats may also pose similar dangers to your health.

What should you do following an animal bite?

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals who receive an animal bite make is that they fail to seek medical attention right away for their injury. Infection can set in quickly, and neurological damage can be unrepairable at some point. Time is of the essence in these situations, and many patients who experience the worst outcomes delay seeing a doctor who can assess their condition.

The second worst thing that individuals do following an animal bite is not filing an incident report with police or animal control and not following up with an attorney. They miss learning how Colorado law may allow them to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions when they don’t speak with a lawyer. Victims lose the opportunity to recover their financial losses stemming from their bite and fail to do their part to protect others from getting hurt in the future.

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