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What jobs are off-limits to convicted felons?


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Sometimes good people in Colorado who work hard and care for their families make a one-time mistake, and wind up facing a judge in criminal court. In some cases, these lapses in judgment can lead to a felony conviction. A felony conviction can mean time spent in prison, but it can affect a person’s life even after they have served their sentence, especially when it comes to employment. The following are some jobs that may be off-limits to convicted felons:

  • Certain professions that require a license: certain professions such as lawyers, teachers and psychologists require workers to be licensed with the state in which they work. Depending on the felony committed, these licenses may not be available to those with a felony on their record.
  • Professions in certain industries: some jobs require workers to exercise due diligence or are otherwise placed in a position of trust. This means that some jobs in the banking, insurance and health care industries may not be available to convicted felons.

Finding out you cannot do the work you did before your felony conviction or finding out you can’t pursue the job you want because you have committed a felony can be discouraging. But, there are ways a person in Colorado can obtain a good job even if they are a convicted felon.

One option is to seek a pardon from the president or governor. This can result in the conviction being negated, which may allow a person to obtain a job they once weren’t able to due to their felony conviction. In addition, there are jobs that routinely hire convicted felons, although there are limits depending on the type of crime committed.

Convicted felons may have truly turned their lives around upon their release from prison, but they may still find it difficult to work in the field they held a job in prior to their felony conviction or obtain new employment. However, there are ways a convicted felon in Colorado can seek suitable employment that allows them to provide for their families. An attorney can advise those facing felony charges in Colorado.

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