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Why is speeding so dangerous?


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Everyone is aware that speeding is illegal, but it also seems that everyone does it. It is one of those things people generally accept as being ok.

However, the U.S. Department of Transportation explains that speeding is a factor in many fatal accidents and the majority of non-fatal accidents. It is dangerous, and just because everyone seems to do it, it is still against the law.


When you speed, you increase the chances that you will lose control of your vehicle, especially if there are adverse weather or road conditions. You also make it more difficult for you to react quickly something happening on the road around you. It takes you longer to come to a stop, and it reduces the ability of the safety devices in your vehicle to operate effectively.

One last consequence is that speeding uses more fuel. That means it is bad for the environment.


You may wonder if speeding is so bad, then why do so many people do it. The reality is that part of the reason is that everyone else is doing it. They feel they need to stay with the flow of traffic and not slow the vehicles around them down.

Many people speed because they know that they will not face consequences. Law enforcement cannot possibly monitor every road all the time, so people will get away with speeding. The chances are good that you will avoid a speeding ticket most of the time you drive.

Some drivers do not take the risks seriously. They assume since speeding is so common that it cannot possibly be as dangerous as experts say. However, studies show speeding is a leading cause of accidents and increases the severity of an accident.

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