Securing your safety before and after sexual assault

If you are a frequent reader of our legal blog, you already know how much we emphasize finding safety from sexual assault or harassment. If you are new to our blog and website, we encourage you to continue exploring our resources, especially if you fear for your safety.

Victims of sexual assault in Colorado typically feel incredibly isolated from the rest of the world. Often, they believe they cannot share what is happening to them because it will invite retaliation. Shame is also an unfortunate side effect of any sexual assault, which can keep victims from reporting the crime.

Steps to take after sexual assault

While unpleasant to think about, what you do in the immediate aftermath of an assault can make a difference in the long-term. Legal action against your attacker might be the last thing on your mind. However, you may choose to act in the future. Taking the steps below improves your immediate safety and sets you up for success in bringing your attacker to justice.

  • Get to a safe place such as a nearby police station or even someone’s house.
  • Go to the hospital for an examination, which will help prove your case if a legal remedy is your goal.
  • Make sure the hospital staff collects evidence on your behalf.
  • Call the police to report the crime.
  • Reach out for legal help in acquiring a protective order.
  • Consider calling a rape or assault crisis program for access to many valuable resources.

If you live in Parker or any other Colorado region and have suffered a sexual assault, we urge you to take a proactive approach. A legal advocate for sexual assault and harassment victims will do everything possible to help you find justice and closure. 

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