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Brain injuries are possible in car wrecks


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A person who’s in a vehicle that’s involved in a crash can sometimes suffer a brain injury. This is possible even if there’s no obvious trauma to the head. Because of this possibility, it’s imperative that anyone who’s involved in a wreck undergo a medical exam to ensure they get the care they need. 

Brain injuries can occur without the head striking anything. This is because the impact of the crash can cause the brain to slam against the skull, which can cause bruising or even bleeding. 

What types of symptoms occur with a brain injury?

The symptoms of a brain injury depend on the location and type of injury you suffer. Headaches and loss of consciousness are possible. Nausea, vision changes and mood swings are also possible. Some people don’t realize that it’s possible for these symptoms to appear long after the crash. It isn’t unheard of for people to notice these weeks after a crash.

While many brain injuries heal rather quickly after a crash, some will take longer. These may require the person to follow “brain rest” rules, which can make it difficult to handle daily tasks. Some might not be able to work while they heal.

Anyone who suffers a brain injury in a crash that’s caused by a negligent driver may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This can help you to recover what you have to spend on medical care and other expenses related to the wreck. These personal injury claims have strict time limits, so you must ensure that you get your case filed as quickly as possible after the crash.

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