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Protect yourself from blind-spot collisions with trucks


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Trucks and commercial vehicles are generally on the roads all year round. However, at this time of year, they may be working longer hours and facing tight deadlines. Such factors have the potential to increase the likelihood of accidents. 

Being in a collision with a truck or commercial vehicle is not likely to go well. Due to its sheer size and weight, a truck can generate a lot of energy during the course of an impact. The results can be devastating, with catastrophic injuries occurring and even fatalities.

Blind-spot accidents are particularly serious. Blind spots are essentially areas around a vehicle where the driver’s view is completely obstructed. Every vehicle has these spots, but they are exaggerated in trucks and larger vehicles. Recognizing blind spots as well as understanding how to protect yourself is key to your safety on the roads. 

Avoiding blind spots is the safest path

The most notable blind spots on a truck can be found directly to the front and rear as well as on the right-hand side. It may seem obvious, but the best way to prevent an accident is to avoid these areas.  

Maintain a safe distance

Tailgating is an extremely dangerous driving behavior at the best of times, but the risk is accentuated if you are following a larger vehicle too closely. Generally, trucks will have a trailer attached which will be raised from the ground. If you collide with this, the bottom of it will likely be the same height as your windshield, meaning that the rest of the car could go underneath. The types of injuries sustained from such incidents have the potential to be deadly. 

How to stay safe when driving around commercial vehicles is worth careful consideration at this time of year. If you have been injured in a road traffic collision, the law in Colorado may allow you to claim compensation. 

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