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Colorado State Patrol reaches out and asks others to stop drunk driving


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When someone drives while impaired, they are putting their life, as well as the lives of others, at risk. Recently, the Colorado State Patrol spoke with the local news and asked that people avoid driving while impaired and take steps to stop others who may try.

Memorial Day was the start of the summer season for many people in the state. That also means that there is usually an uptick in the number of intoxicated drivers. People like to travel and visit people they know during the summer, but the CSP asks that those who are impaired remember that getting behind the wheel may mean that they never arrive at their destination. 

What can drivers do to avoid DUIs and crashes?

Speed, distraction and alcohol are common factors in collisions. The CSP suggests having a designated sober party do the driving so that you can get home safely.  The CSP also suggests talking to friends and family before they get into their vehicles. If they appear to be impaired, then they ask that people step in to stop them from driving. 

What happens if someone is caught driving while impaired?

If someone does get caught drinking and driving, the penalties can be significant. There is a risk of imprisonment, and there is another risk that they may be fined heavily. Other consequences may include increased insurance rates or job loss due to a conviction. 

It is not worth drinking and driving. If you are stopped and accused of drunk driving, however, it’s equally important to defend yourself to protect your rights. Learn more about your defense options today.

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