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Governor’s first accuser, investigators meet for hours


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As most people who follow the national news have seen, New York’s embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing increased pressure to resign as more and more reports of his toxic workplace behavior continue to emerge.

The governor stands accused of sexually harassing female staffers in his administration over the years, as well as creating a toxic workplace where bullying was rampant. Events heated up over the weekend as New York Attorney General’s Office investigators met with the governor’s first public accuser for longer than three hours. 

Accused of improper touching

The former gubernatorial aide spoke out on an incident she alleges occurred in the Governor’s office back in 2018. She alleged that Cuomo attempted an unwanted kiss when the two were alone for a meeting.

That accusation appeared to open the floodgates for more women to come forth with similar stories of sexual harassment, prompting prominent members of the Governor’s party to urge him to resign.

Telling the truth about powerful figures can be intimidating

Accusing a high-profile governor of a major state of sexual harassment does not come without peril. Regardless of the future outcome of these cases, these accusers’ names and faces will become familiar to millions of people, thus stripping them of the protection that anonymity offers.

It takes a lot of guts to step forward publicly and out a sitting governor for these alleged offenses. These women will find that their backgrounds will be thoroughly searched in an attempt to discredit their recollections of the harassment.

You don’t have to face your truth alone

When you are subjected at work to unwanted sexual overtures, sexually harassing gestures or inappropriate discussions about your sex life, it can strip you of your confidence and even self-esteem. Victims may even wonder if something they did or an outfit they wore sent an unconscious message that they were inviting such actions.

None of this is true. But the tendency to sweep it all under your emotional mat can have its own unfortunate repercussions. In similar situations, it is far better to reveal the truth with the support of a seasoned legal professional who can help you navigate the path to justice and truth. If you’re the victim of unwanted sexual advances and sexual harassment, help is available.

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