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Don’t make this potentially fatal mistake near semitrucks


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There are many things that you shouldn’t do when you’re driving around a semitruck. Being as safe as possible can help to prevent you and other motorists around you from being involved in a crash, but your safety doesn’t depend solely on you. 

Most drivers know that they shouldn’t drive in the blind spots of the trucker, but that’s not the only thing you need to do to remain safe around truckers. There’s one critical mistake that many drivers make: Cutting into the trucker’s lane a little too closely.

Never cut a semitruck off

One deadly mistake drivers can make is cutting off a semitruck. 

It’s easy for a motorist to think they can just squeeze in front of a semitruck to get to where they need to go, but this can be fatal because semitrucks weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds and can’t stop quickly. 

When a car cuts them off, truckers have to try to slow down, stop or swerve away from the vehicle. The trucker trying to swerve could put people in the nearby lanes in danger – a danger that could have been prevented if the motorist had respected the space the trucker needed in front of the rig to drive safely.

When an accident with a truck happens

Making sure that you’re driving safely is only part of how you can make it to your destination without any incidents occurring. 

People who are involved in a semitruck crash need to get swift medical care – and they need to consider the possibility of taking legal action. When your injuries are severe and the accident wasn’t your fault, you have to think about all of the losses you’ve had and the expenses you’ll face in the future. Experienced legal guidance can help.

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