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What motorcycle gloves can do for you


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Maybe you’re new to motorcycling? Or, you’re a veteran getting prepared to hit the roads again. As well as getting your bike set up, you want to make sure you have all the appropriate safety gear. 

You’ve looked out for a new helmet, leathers and boots. But what about your hands? Why is it so important to invest in a decent pair of motorcycle gloves

Handgrip is important 

To ride safely, you need both of your hands on the handlebars at all times. Depending on your speed and the road surface, heavy vibration can come through the handlebars, and you don’t want to lose grip. A good set of gloves can help with this. They’ll give you the confidence to ride safely and grip the handlebars so that you’re always in control. 

Protection during falls

In the unfortunate event that you’re involved in a collision or fall, your hands are going to need protection. It’s a natural instinct to put your hands up in an attempt to shield your head from injury. This means that your hands could take the full brunt of the force. While gloves may not fully prevent injuries, they can certainly stifle some of the impacts. 

Even a minor fall can cause severe injuries if your gloves aren’t made of stern stuff. With decent hand protection, you might be able to stop the friction of a fall causing nasty cuts and burns to your skin. 

Safety gear is crucial to safe riding. Sadly, despite your best efforts, some accidents are simply unavoidable. If you’ve been injured by another road user, make sure you explore your legal options

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