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2 things you need to know if you are hurt on someone’s property


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No one looks forward to being hurt under any circumstances. However, if you are hurt while lawfully on someone else’s property, you may pursue the property owner for damages per Colorado premises liability laws. 

To successfully pursue the damages you are entitled to, however, you need to understand a couple of laws crucial to the outcome of your claim. Here are two of them:

You have a limited time to file your claim

Slip-and-fall or dog attack injuries can leave you hurt and disoriented. But while you focus on your recovery, it is equally important to understand that you cannot file your premises liability claim at your convenience. Like with most legal claims, you must file your premises within the statute of limitations period. And in Colorado, you have up to two years from the date of your injury to file your claim before you lose the opportunity.

Your contribution to your injuries count

Every personal injury claim is litigated on the basis of fault. Colorado applies what is known as modified comparative negligence. Per this statute, your damages will be reduced based on your degree of fault. You can only be awarded damages if your contribution to your injuries was less than 50 percent. For instance, if the court is convinced that you provoked the animal, trespassed or were intoxicated when you slipped and fell, then you can be deemed to have been at fault to some degree. And this can impact the outcome of your claim. 

A slip and fall or a dog attack can leave you with a variety of life-altering injuries. Understanding Colorado laws that are crucial to the outcome of your premises liability claim can help you better prepare yourself while seeking damages if you are hurt as a result of someone else’s negligent actions. 

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