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Domestic assault charges can have serious consequences

You got in a fight with your spouse. Things got a little heated and before you knew it, the cops were on your doorstep. The neighbors called in the domestic disturbance. After a brief investigation, you were hauled from your house, booked into jail and now you are facing domestic assault charges. In the state of Colorado such charges can have serious consequences.

Colorado man facing numerous criminal charges

Police in Colorado Springs recently arrested a man following a report of a domestic disturbance. The criminal charges against him include domestic violence, a felony level DUI and various misdemeanors. If the accused is convicted on any of these charges, the penalties could be quite severe.

Police: Man resisted arrest attempts regarding protective order

In Colorado as well as elsewhere, the police must struggle with domestic violence and family discordance issues daily. Sometimes, these matters turn nasty after the police are called to quell a disturbance or to enforce an existing protective order. Recently, police arrested a man who allegedly barricaded himself and resisted police prior to being taken into custody on domestic violence charges.

Domestic dispute results in attempted murder criminal charges

Although incidents of domestic violence may be the foundation of a purported criminal episode, the police may choose to arrest the accused for more serious charges under Colorado law, if the facts justify it. That apparently is the general picture surrounding criminal charges of attempted murder and other violations asserted against a man who was arrested on Christmas Eve after an ongoing series of incidents involving his wife. Boulder County deputies took the man into custody after a 911 call from his wife in which she described his several attempts to grab the steering wheel of their car and cause them to go over a cliff or engage in a head-on collision.

Domestic violence charges in Colorado can have tragic results

The Colorado law on domestic violence was enacted about 25 years ago, and it currently has critics who assert that it needs some revamping. For one thing, the law requires a mandatory arrest where there are signs of domestic violence, but in some instances, that may be a subjective determination or one that is hastily and inaccurately made. Critics would like to see a law that does not so quickly draw the full force of the criminal law and its heavy sanctions for domestic violence charges into the mix.

Domestic violence suspect flees allegations of attempted murder

After recent events, it may not be any wonder that a Colorado man is running from the law. The 37-year-old man is accused of a horrific crime, and police are now focusing on family members and friends who may be helping him elude capture. In fact, three days after the incident, a relative of the man was arrested for allegations of accessory to attempted murder.

Don't face domestic violence charges without our help

Domestic violence can be a difficult topic to discuss due to its understandably sensitive nature. Those facing domestic violence charges often feel frustrated and confused with the system and unsure of how to proceed. Experienced legal representation can minimize these feelings while giving defendants a better chance at achieving the best possible outcome for their personal situations.

Police arrest mother, unnamed woman in response to viral video

Viral videos often spread like wildfire across social media networks for their humorous content, but a recent viral sensation had quite the opposite effect on viewers. An arrest quickly followed the video that allegedly depicted abuse against a 3-year-old child. A short while later, the woman who recorded the video was also arrested.

Domestic assault charges keep some families apart for holidays

Being with family is one of the most important parts of the holiday season. Sadly, for some people in Colorado who have been charged with a domestic violence offense, being with loved ones is not an option. We understand the intense emotional and legal toll that facing domestic assault charges can take on an individual and on a family.

What is considered domestic violence in Colorado?

Most people have not gone to law school and do not follow every single law within their state. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for someone to be accused of a crime in Colorado and not understand how they possibly landed in that situation. This sort of legal surprise could easily happen to someone in the form of a domestic violence charge.

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