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We uphold Colorado people’s rights in the face of DUI charges


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Facing a serious drunk driving charge? In the face of overwhelming criminal allegations, the urge to concede defeat and plead guilty can be surprisingly strong for many defendants, even if the charges are not appropriate. We understand the long-term implications of a DUI conviction and are committed to helping those accused handle their drunk driving charges in Colorado with as much effectiveness as possible.

Arresting officers have a variety of tools at their use to determine whether a driver might be intoxicated. Field sobriety tests are a popular option utilized by authorities and include having a driver walk in a straight line, recite the alphabet backwards or follow a finger or penlight with their eyes. These types of tests are subject to high rates of personal influence from the attending officer and his or her own interpretation of a person’s performance.

Breathalyzer and blood tests are also commonly used. Although a driver can refuse to submit to this type of testing, it often results in immediate consequences for the driver. In some cases, judges may even issue warrants for a blood test in order to determine if any alcohol was in a person’s system at the time of arrest.

There are any number of questions that might be raised along the way to create the most effective defense strategy possible. For instance, it is important to determine if an officer had reasonable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop in the first place or to find out if the Breathalyzer test used was calibrated correctly. No matter if a defendant is facing a first, second or even third DUI charge, every individual in Colorado is still subject to protection under the law and the presumption of innocence throughout the criminal court process. We take great pride in ensuring that those rights and protections are upheld while guiding our clients toward the most successful outcome possible.

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