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Mother, son face felonies for elderly man’s death


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What began as an investigation into an elderly man’s death ultimately led to criminal charges filed against two people. The felonies filed against the two allege that the victim did not die of any natural causes, but instead because of trauma caused by a blunt force object. The mother and son duo were allegedly supposed to be caring for the elderly man in question, prompting Colorado authorities to cite accusations of elder neglect in their arrest affidavit.

The victim at the center of the homicide investigation is an elderly blind man who, at the time of his death, was 68 years old. Emergency services were initially called to the home on Nov. 2, where they discovered the man suffering from severe injuries. Although he was taken to an area hospital for treatment, he did not survive.

At the time, he was under the care of his 73-year-old sister and 43-year-old nephew. After an autopsy was performed and his cause of death determined, both individuals were jailed on allegations of neglecting a dependent. The nephew faces at least once additional charge for supposedly causing serious bodily injury.

Neither individual has posted the $100,000 bail set for each defendant, and both remain behind bars at an area Colorado jail. As the investigation continues, it is possible that additional charges will be filed on top of the felonies that they already face. Even though the criminal investigation into the man’s death is still ongoing, the defendants are likely focused on considering their options as the prosecution of the charges moves forward. Most defendants find a thorough examination of each charge alongside the guidance of their counsel is one of the best options for choosing appropriate defense strategies as early as possible.

Source:, “UPDATE: LaPorte Co. senior’s death being investigated as a homicide“, Nov. 7, 2015

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