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What is considered domestic violence in Colorado?


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Most people have not gone to law school and do not follow every single law within their state. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for someone to be accused of a crime in Colorado and not understand how they possibly landed in that situation. This sort of legal surprise could easily happen to someone in the form of a domestic violence charge.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to discuss some of the actions and behaviors that, according to Colorado laws, can support a criminal charge of domestic violence. A supposed victim does not have to have visible, physical injuries in order for authorities to move forward with a criminal case against a man or woman in Colorado Springs or the rest of the state.

For example, words are enough to result in a domestic violence case. Verbal threats of violence and harassing phone calls can support a case in Colorado. Damaging property and threatening to commit harm to someone’s children or animals are also actions that can escalate a situation to domestic violence level. With the growing popularity of social media use, the laws about harassment and stalking get even more complex. 

It is important for anyone who is accused of domestic violence in the state to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer can explain the circumstances surrounding the classification of the case, as well as the importance of fighting the charge. Colorado has strict domestic violence laws, including harsh penalties. 

The existence (past or present) of an “intimate relationship” is central to all domestic violence cases. Anyone who has been romantically involved with someone, shared a home with family or a partner, or who has children can understand how family disputes can quickly escalate into dramatic misunderstandings. The seriousness of a domestic violence charge combined with the confusion that can lead to such a legal situation make it vital to work with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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