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Felony charge could land Colorado women behind bars


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Multiple banks were allegedly scammed out of thousands of dollars by two women in Colorado. At least one felony charge has been filed in addition to other criminal allegations, including identity theft and criminal impersonation. Authorities believe that the suspected operation might have been going on for some time.

According to reports, the women entered various bank locations with possibly fraudulent or fake credit cards that they used to make withdrawals or take out cash advances. If the card was denied, bank workers were apparently instructed to call the phone number on the credit card. However, police say that a credit card company representative was not on the other end. Instead, friends of the women posed as various customer service agents in order to authorize transactions.

Police were made aware of possible fraudulent behavior when an area bank contacted them. Upon arrival, an officer discovered what he believed to be fraudulent paperwork of some sort. This discovery was followed by the arrests, after which they were both charged with forgery, theft and other allegations. At least one woman is also charged with racketeering, which could net up to 48 years behind bars if convicted.

Compared to a misdemeanor, a felony charge can have especially severe consequences in the event of a conviction. Not only do criminal records continue to follow people long into the future as they pursue employment or various other opportunities, but fines and jail time tend to be longer for felony convictions. Although this prospect can be understandably overwhelming for defendants in Colorado, timely and careful preparation can help in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.

Source:, “Two women face theft charges for scamming multiple Colorado banks“, Elise Reuter, Nov. 2, 2015

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