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Felony charge dismissed, local nurse relieved


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The criminal court system demands that each and every defendant be presumed innocent unless a prosecutor is able to establish by a strict measure of proof that all aspects of a charge are not only viable but also true. Not only may a defendant be found not guilty at the conclusion of trial court proceedings, but it is also possible for criminal charges to be dismissed entirely. The latter was the case for a Colorado woman who was facing a felony charge for allegedly embezzling funds from a local group.

The 36-year-old pediatric nurse previously served as the president of a local area cheer club, where an arrest warrant initially claimed she had embezzled just over $164. The prosecution engaged in multiple meetings with the defense, where both sides were able to present their own evidence. Ultimately, the prosecution could not gather enough evidence to pursue charges, and a dismissal of the charges was filed.

Despite the fact that no type of conviction was ever achieved, the defendant apparently experienced a significant amount of prejudgment from her area community prior to the dismissal of the charges. Additionally, she voiced a strong suspicion that the complaint that initially sparked the criminal charges was only made in an effort to improve her husband’s position in their ongoing divorce. The person who filed the complaint is allegedly a friend of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

No matter what type of felony charge that a defendant in Colorado might be facing, his or her rights and presumption of innocence must be upheld and protected just as the law demands. Any premature conviction or violation of their rights would directly contradict these principles. One of the most effective ways for defendants to protect those rights and innocence is to remain vigilant in the construction and preparation of their defense strategy.

Source:, “Embezzlement charge against Dobson youth cheerleading president dismissed“, Terri Flagg, Dec. 31, 2015

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