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Felony charge filed against psychic who allegedly scammed client


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Police in Colorado claim that a local psychic could not foresee her own future after her alleged activity led to an arrest. A felony charge for theft was filed after accusations that she had scammed approximately $200,000 from a single client came to light. That client is a Lacoste family member, which runs and owns a popular brand of clothing known for both its quality and price tag.

It is alleged that the 32-year-old psychic first encountered Lacoste when she entered the shop in 2014 looking for a tarot reading. After completing the reading of her tarot cards, the two apparently formed a fairly close bond. The psychic allegedly acted as her client’s spiritual advisor. The two worked closely together in order to help Lacoste handle what were claimed as evil spirits that she believed were tracking her.

At some point, the psychic supposedly requested that Lacoste purchase gold coins and bring them to her in order to help continue the work that the two were doing. Once in possession of the gold coins, police say the psychic turned around and pawned them rather than performing any type of previously agreed action. About $150,000 was allegedly collected for the gold coins, while another $50,000 was said to have been accumulated in the form of gift cards, retail purchases and other gifts.

Since her arrest, the psychic has posted bond and is no longer behind bars. Unfortunately, a conviction for a felony charge of theft could change that. Prison sentences for such a charge cover a wide range, being as low as eight years or, in some cases, as high as 24. Jail time can be detrimental to anyone in Colorado, effectively derailing employment, education and other personal goals. Although her innocence and rights will all be maintained throughout the criminal process, timely action concerning defense strategies are often the most effective action for defendants who hope to achieve the best results possible for their individual situation.

Source: CBS News, “Colorado psychic Becky Ann Lee accused of scamming Lacoste family member“, Dec. 24, 2015

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