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Men to face serious charges for Colorado wildfire


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Wildfires have spread across portions of Colorado, but the men accused of starting the fire claim the entire thing was nothing more than a tragic accident. Both men are facing serious charges for their alleged involvement with the blaze. At least one of those involved has been on the receiving end of threatening messages from the public via the popular social media website Facebook.

The girlfriend of one of the defendants claimed that she and the two men had gone camping just days before the wildfire. Their intentions were apparently to take time away from their lives in order to grow their relationships with God and to spend time reading their Bibles. However, investigators believe that the men failed to fully extinguish the group’s campfire before leaving the campsite. The enormous blaze was allegedly sparked by the campfire that rekindled on its own.

The men were discovered by authorities in one of the wildfire’s evacuation spots, and, although no charges have been filed yet, they are set to be charged soon. Both defendants are currently in custody in lieu of bail, and their bails are respectively set at $150,000 and $200,000. The judge set one of the defendant’s higher than the other because of a warrant that was already out for his arrest, although on unrelated charges.

Even when unintentional, the effects of a wildfire are hard to deny. However, some individuals in Colorado seem to have forgotten that defendants are considered innocent throughout the entire criminal court proceedings, and they may only be judged as guilty if a prosecutor is able to prove so beyond any reasonable doubt. As that is not the case here, both defendants still have ample time to thoroughly construct their defense strategies in order to minimize the impacts of the serious charges that are soon to be filed.

Source:, “Cullman County men arrested in connection with Colorado wildfire“, Jon Paepcke and Sarah Killian, July 11, 2016

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